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AvGeek Pop Quiz: Do You Know These Airlines?

It has been too long since I have done an AvGeek Pop Quiz. If you are new to these, you are in for a treat! Or in for a lot of frustration. I am going to show you a cropped photo and you have to guess the airline and/or aircraft type. This time I am doing it a bit different. I will show you nine thumbnails below, you make your guesses, and when you are ready, keep scrolling to the bottom of the story and I give you the answers. Then in the comments, let me know how you did (or which ones were the most difficult/easiest)! Here we go:

Think you know enough? Ready to see the answers? Keep on reading…


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#1 McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 Fly Hello

#2 Boeing 737-500 Maersk Air

#3 Airbus A320-233 Wizz Air

#4 Airbus A320-214 LTE International Airways — 

#5 Boeing 737-9GPERW Azur Air Germany 

#6 Boeing 720-051B Northwest Orient Airlines 

#7 Douglas DC-10-30 Continental Airlines

#8 Boeing 247 United

#9 Airbus A300B4-608ST Beluga

All the photos came from our friend Ken Fielding. Feel free to view his other great airliner photos.


So, how did you do? I think there were a few tricky ones. How many did you get right? I know some of you are good enough to get all these correct, but if everyone says they got them all right, I might start questioning that. I will admit that I wouldn’t have gotten them. Heck, before publishing this story, I tried to remember what they were and I couldn’t remember #4. Let me know in the comments which were your biggest challenges.

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