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Boeing 737 MAX is safe to fly

As the un-grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX draws ever-nearer, the second chief executive of a civil aviation authority has shared his point of view on the aircraft. European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) executive director Patrick Ky declared that the 737 MAX is safe enough to be certified.

“Our analysis is showing that this is safe, and the level of safety reached is high enough for us,” stated Ky in an interview with Bloomberg. According to him, EASA also discussed with Boeing about adding a third sensor, which would allow the aircraft to reach “even higher safety levels.”

However, it is not certified to return to the skies and operate commercial flights just yet.

Patrick Ky joins the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s administrator Stephen Dickson, who in September 2020 personally flew on the Boeing 737 MAX and stated that he “liked what he saw.”


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