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Tom Bosworth reveals homophobic abuse from athletics volunteer

Tom Bosworth
Tom Bosworth (right) suffered with mental health issues after being disqualified while leading the 20km race walk at the World Championships in London in 2017

British Olympic racewalker Tom Bosworth has revealed he was sent homophobic abuse online by a volunteer who works in athletics.

Bosworth, 30, said he had reported the abuse to the social media platform involved and British Athletics had contacted him to offer support.

“On this occasion I decided not to take it further,” Bosworth tweeted. external-link

“Any repeat, that won’t be the case. I’m confident in my own skin and will protect those who aren’t.”

Bosworth came out in October 2015, revealing that he had suffered targeted physical violence as a teenager when a group of boys pushed him through a window. external-link

Bosworth finished seventh in the 20km race walk at last year’s World Championships in Doha, and was sixth in the same event at Rio 2016.

He is the only publicly gay male track and field athlete on the current British team.

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